3 simple price plans to get started

Are you looking for a short or longer term collaboration programme? Or want to collaborate with customers and staff?

No problem, we got you covered.

Room and Rent

Perfect for short term customer collaboration needs
Max duration 3 months
Max participants 100
3000 Eur

Customer Collaboration Programme

Popular option for organisations who need regular collaboration with customers
Duration 12 months
300 participants or more
Branded to your look&feel
Dedicated support
From 1500 Eur/month

Customer & Staff Collaboration Programme

Great option for CX led organisations who want to involve both customers and staff
Duration 12 months
2 Separate Lab spaces for customers and staff, up to 1000 participants
Branded to your look&feel
Dedicated support
From 2250 Eur/month
Please speak to our Success team to recommend you the best option

This is why you should seriously consider LeanLab

Create together

Avoid sitting in silos and losing ideas and opportunities.
LeanLab connects your different teams together with your customers and data
- accelerating both customer and internal innovation.


Don’t develop products/ services in a vacuum or make decisions on a gut feel.

LeanLab links your customers to your processes in an iterative way all the way from idea to launch
- removing all unnecessary guesswork.


Recruiting and talking to customers always on ad-hoc and face-to-face is too slow and not scalable.

With LeanLab you have 24/7 connection to your different core customer segments making customer collaboration instant and representative across regions and markets.

Focused development

Avoid focusing development on the wrong areas that don’t add value to your business.

LeanLab enables you to effectively prioritise development areas based on customers’ needs and desires.

With every plan you get access to all these great features


Create surveys with open and closed questions and add if-conditions to the survey

A/B tests

Quickly test 2-5 concepts with your users and understand their preferences


Need a quick answer from your community? Run a quick one question poll and get instant feedback


Wonder what catches your customers’ eye? Create a heatmap out of your website, packaging, an ad or any other type of an image


A quick scan on preferences? Get your customers to drag and drop various items into 2-5 different buckets. Use it for text, images and light card sorting exercises.

Photo & Video Gallery

Need more visual examples or feedback? Ask your customers share photos or short videos of moments, experiences and more


Need to dig deeper into user journeys? Run diaries with select customers to report their experiences of a product or service

Discussion Forum

What does 10 or 100 customers have to say on topic A, B or C? Converse with your customers and you will know.

One-to-One Chats

Looking to talk to just a select few customers? Run a chat for a set-time to get a deeper understanding of your customers’ experiences

Video Interviews

Need face time with your customers? Use your Google, Microsoft or any other video software tool and invite select customers straight from LeanLab to attend a call


Stuck for ideas? Or have too many ideas? No problem, run an ideation exercise and get your customers to post and vote for the best ideas


Embed news, share results or other interesting content with your community for further engagement

Social Sharing

Need answers from a wider community? Easily share activity links via Facebook, Instagram, email etc.

Multi-language module

Build, target and show content and activities in different languages  

Realtime Dashboards

Access all your data in real-time with analysis dashboards and share key results with your colleagues

Admin Dashboard

Easily target activities to different customer groups and monitor customers’ participation rates to different activities

Notifications and Reminders

Speed up the house keeping with automated reminders and notifications to your customers

Custom branding

With our ongoing monthly subscription plans we create a branded look and feel and dedicated URL if you need one

100% SSL Secure

Your data is safe and secure with strictly limited access

Mobile friendly

All activities are mobile friendly for you and your customers

Accessibility Audited

We have developed the platform so that it meets the accessibility standards

API connections to export / import data

Custom API set-ups allow you to import/export data between your CRM, ERP and BI systems.


Receive regular training and tips when you subscribe to our ongoing monthly plans

Customer Support

Success is created together! We help you in English, Swedish and Finnish to make the most out of the platform.

No own resources or just too busy?

Subscribe to a service package to fuel your customer-led innovation

In addition to a great platform, you get hands-on consultancy support from us or turn-key services through our LeanLab Consultancy Partners. So if you’re just too busy, don’t have the resources or want to get impartial advice we have got you covered.

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