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Our story started over a decade ago from a challenge of doing more agile user research to service companies better with global audiences and ever fastening go-to-market strategies. Our designers and innovators required a way to iterate ideas and concepts at high cadence for which face-2-face groups were too slow and online surveys provided only a partial answer - we wanted to give more power to the people.

LeanLab was then coined as a Lean two-way channel for designers and participants to connect and co-create in the Lab-style secure and safe environment. This allowed courageous experimenting and user involvement in new unprecedented way Ever since our team of behavioural scientists, designers and tech folks have been developing the LeanLab user experience and methods in close collaboration with our customers and end-users through hundreds of programmes globally.

LeanLab is part of Digitalist Group, focused on digital customer experience innovation with more than 200 insight, design, tech and innovation experts across studios in North America, London, Stockholm and Helsinki.

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North America

Jane Vita

Jane leads the digital business and service design team in Vancouver and helps clients to discover their digital future.

Jane has over 20 years of service design expertise under her belt and has been working across more than 50 projects for both b2b and b2c businesses across multiple countries.


Ville Österlund

Ville leads the LeanLab practise and can help you with your global needs on product and service innovation and digital cx.

Ville is one of the early pioneers in the digital insights and online co-creation with 20 years of expertise and knowledge across media, telecoms, retail sectors in Europe, Asia and the Nordics.
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