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About us

Our mission is to bring customers and users into the main stage of the creative process and help organisations design better experiences through collaboration.

The Leanlab story began from a critical need to help companies collaborate more closely, frequently and at scale with users across the development funnel from the idea to launch. Doing face-to-face interviews was too slow and running surveys provided only partial answers so we wanted to make the process more inclusive and give more power to the people.

Leanlab is an instant channel for development teams and users to collaborate in a secure lab-style environment. This allows lean user-experimenting and testing in a continuous way.

A growing number of designers, CX professionals and product owners across many industry verticals use Leanlab to collaborate with their users dynamically and continuously. Today the platform hosts labs with thousands of users across the Nordic and beyond.

Leanlab Oy is part of Digitalist Group (listed in Nasdaq Helsinki).

Interested to know more about how we could help you to collaborate with your users? Please get in touch with our team to ask more!

Photo of Ville Österlund.

Ville Österlund

Anton Svahn

Anton Svahn

Country Director, Sweden
John Sjögren

John Sjögren

Account Executive, Sweden
Jere Orjala

Jere Orjala

Account Executive, FInland

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