Webinar Series: Mixed Methods Masterclass

Session 5: The Importance of Beta Testing in Your Launch Phase

In today's competitive market, beta testing plays a crucial role in refining new features as well as product or service improvements before their final release.

During this webinar, we delve into the concept of beta testing and explain why it should be an integral part of your launch strategy. Discover how beta testing can help you identify potential issues, gather valuable feedback, and ensure a smoother improvement or new product/service launch.

In the webinar, we provide practical tips into how to successfully implement beta testing in your launch phase. You will learn about the benefits of beta testing and its best practices - how to leverage feedback to optimise your product or service before it reaches the market.

Whether you're a product manager, developer, marketer, or involved in launching products/services, this session is tailored to equip you with essential knowledge and strategies for a successful launch.

Webinar recording: Mixed Methods Master Class Session 5 -The Importance of Beta Testing in your Launch Phase

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