Webinar Series: Mixed Methods Master Class

Session 4: How to Succeed with User-Led Ideation?

In the fourth session of our popular webinar series, we dive into the concept of user-led ideation and explore its transformative impact on product and service development. During the webinar you get to discover how involving end-users in the innovation process can lead to enhanced user experiences, and ultimately, the creation of products or services that truly resonate with your target audience.

We share practical tips on successfully implementing user-led ideation as part of your product/ service development workflow, allowing you to gain a better understanding of this approach's benefits and best practices.

Whether you're a product manager, CX/UX designer, or involved in developing products or services, this session is tailored to provide valuable insights that can elevate your approach to innovation!

​​​​​​​What will you learn in the session

- What the benefits of user-led ideation are​​​​​​​
- What the best practices for the implementation of this approach are​​​​​​​
- Some concrete examples of user-led ideation activities​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Watch the recording here.


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