Webinar Series: ​​​​​​​Mixed Methods Master Class

Session 1: How to Master Iterative Usability Testing?

Do you feel that you are often stuck with a hammer, and trying to solve all your user research issues with one method such as surveys? There is a better way to answer ever more complex business questions by applying mixed-method research techniques.

In our series of master class sessions, we are unearthing the different ways you can more effectively combine different qual and quant user research techniques to create more comprehensive and better outcomes for your research efforts.

In this first session, we dig into iterative usability testing and share best practices for conducting successful tests. Iterative usability testing is an essential part of the product development process that allows designers and developers to gather feedback from users and continuously improve the user experience.

You learn what you need to consider before running the tests and what critical elements you should include in your process. To make it all more concrete, we also share some practical examples of unmoderated online usability tests that can be conducted in a simple and easy way.

Webinar recording: Mixed Methods Master Class Session 1 - How to Master Iterative Usability Testing

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