Webinar Series: Mixed Methods Master Class

Session 3: How to Master Fast Prototype Testing?

At our third Mixed Methods’ Master Class Webinar Session "How to master fast prototype testing?" we unlock the secrets of faster prototype testing, a vital skill in today's rapid-paced development culture.

In this webinar, we delve deeper into the concept of quick prototype testing and provide practical tips on how to master this approach.

You will learn:

- What the benefits of faster prototype testing are

- What the best practices for the implementation of this approach are

- Some concrete examples of faster prototype tests

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career, quick prototype testing is an essential skill to have in your toolkit. By watching the webina, you’ll gain a better understanding of how faster prototype testing allows you to quickly validate initial sketches/ prototypes, gather valuable feedback, and make necessary adjustments before investing time and resources into full implementation.

Webinar recording: Mixed Methods Master Class Session 3 - How to Master Fast Prototype Testing?

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