SXC 2023 presentation - Agile access to customer insight fueling customer centricity at Stockmann

Explore Stockmann's transformation journey as Harri Nieminen, Head of CX and Insight, takes the stage at the Stockholm Experience Conference in November 2023. In his presentation, Nieminen delves into how Stockmann, the iconic Finnish department store, has embraced customer centricity as a core driver for business transformation, utilising Leanlab to build their online customer lab.

Harnessing collective wisdom: The #meidänstocka online customer lab

The power of collaboration:

Learn more about Stockmann's approach to collaboration through its "Voice of Customer" framework, comprising listening, analysis, and action. Find out about the #meidänstocka online customer lab, where 1300 members actively contribute, providing invaluable insights for agile customer collaboration.

Leanlab as a catalyst for innovation:

Harri Nieminen discusses how Leanlab is the linchpin for Stockmann's agile customer collaboration. The online customer lab, fueled by Leanlab, facilitates for example rapid testing and prototyping, enabling Stockmann to pivot swiftly based on customer feedback.

Real-world examples:

Explore tangible examples from Stockmann, such as renewing the click & collect experience. Learn how Leanlab has been instrumental in creating an agile way to reach customers, thus allowing Stockmann to address customer needs and pain points preemptively.

Sneak peek at some of the key takeaways from the presentation:

  • Traditional retailers need to shift their focus and find new ways to look at customer centricity in today’s digital world where e-commerce is expanding its foothold.
  • True customer-centricity requires both the right tools and the mindset.
  • A continuous customer dialogue provides more accurate and broader customer insight than yearly customer surveys.
  • An online customer lab can provide you with broad customer insight on specific issues as fast as within 48 hours.
  • Testing and prototyping agilely with real customers saves you both time and money by ensuring you launch products and services your customers want.

Watch the Video to learn more about agile customer collaboration:

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