Combining Leanlab with NPS measurement to support product development

Suunto is one of the leading manufacturers of advanced sports watches and compasses in the world. At the heart of the brand’s competitive edge is its long history in product development together with top athletes, adventurers and generally active people who use these products.

Like many other organisations Suunto has used NPS measurement to track customer experience. NPS works well for identifying what pain points there are in the current customer experience. However, the NPS measurement does not on its own show why customers find certain things challenging and how to best fix these challenges. For this purpose, Suunto needed a way to have a more in-depth dialogue with customers as well as a solution to ‘get closer’ to customers. 


Suunto formed a collaborative development community with Leanlab of customers who had given a negative NPS scores, which enabled development teams to get close to customers and build solutions to the identified challenges. Over a space of 2 weeks, Suunto collaborated closely with more than 20 customers from Europe to North America. 

  • During the two weeks users shared their thoughts on selected development themes as well as their experiences, through surveys and diary activities.
  • At the end of the two weeks Suunto’s development team had a more in-depth understanding of the service usage scenarios and the practical challenges related to usage.
  • As a result, based on the customer insights Suunto’s development team was able to build a clearer roadmap for the development of the service.
Suunto’s competitive edge rests heavily on customer experience, which is why listening and collaborating with customers is essential. This way we remain in tune with our customers across our different product verticals. Leanlab worked as an excellent tool for the ’last mile’. Enabling a more in-depth understanding of customers’ pain points as well as mapping possible solutions, which isn’t possible to do without an in-depth dialogue with customers or just using NPS.
Maria Pekkarinen, Consumer Service and CX Director, Suunto

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