Co-creating with employees to create gamified rewards programme for postal workers

Posti is the national postal service in Finland with an ongoing quest to deliver mail and packages profitably in a highly competitive and challenging market. Posti wanted to explore the viability of a gamified rewards programme in an effort to enhance engagement and reduce churn of its, often part time, delivery force. They wished to develop a program that would offer employees more transparency in their day-to-day work, help them through their induction period and incentivise them to improve performance and teamwork.


To test and iterate on Posti's reward concept, we ran a pilot with a selected group of employees and a separate control group. As part of the pilot, we created a Leanlab digital community to connect with and collect feedback from the pilot participants. The Leanlab community was a quick and easy way to stay ahead and improve the concept with real user insights.

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