Nordea Life

Customer Lab to get closer to life insurance customers

Nordea Life is a life insurance arm of Nordea, the largest financial group in the Nordic countries. A key challenge for becoming a more customer-centric business has been the slow and laborious process to talk to customers in the first place. Sourcing customer lists, recruitment, and setting an interview time has been manual and has taken often 4 weeks or more. This has set the bar too high to conduct user research and has meant that product-, digital- and marketing teams have been left in the dark without real fresh perspectives and insight from the customers. 


To connect and work more closely with life insurance customers Nordea set up a Customer Lab. Instead of spending time on ad-hoc research and recruitment, Nordea Life invited 300 customers to join their Customer Lab. In the lab, customers are regularly invited to have a say in a number of different development initiatives. 

Nordea Life’s customer Lab has helped:

  • Increase the speed of talking to customers by 4x times from weeks to days
  • Increase the frequency of involving customers from one-off large studies to regular monthly involvement
  • Maintain high engagement from participants during Covid and in the hybrid world where in-person interviews are increasingly difficult to run
  • Improve the representativity of customer participation by involving customers in different regions not just in the capital city area
  • Product, digital, and marketing teams get closer to customers and make better-informed decisions
  • Involve customers in more stages of development through ideation, development, and launch phases
The speed and ease of access to our customers with Leanlab has really transferred the way we work with customer insights from ad-hoc projects to continuous end-user collaboration
Reetta Viitanen, CX Lead, Nordea Life

Watch a video where Ville Österlund from Leanlab talks about the Nordea Life customer Lab:

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