Online community to develop better digital user experiences and drive subscription revenue


MTV is a Finnish media company reaching over 4 million weekly viewers across free, paid TV and digital video platforms. The challenge for the company’s digital development team was how to deliver good digital experiences across different devices and platforms. The old customer research methods like face to face interviews were proving to be too slow, expensive to stay in-sync for fast paced agile development. This way of working resulted in poor customer research adoption among the key internal stakeholders in the business such as marketing, content planners, product owners, designers and software developers.


To solve the challenge MTV launched 800 strong LeanLab community of customers to play a role in different development decisions from big to small. The ongoing work with LeanLab now delivers the desired effect:

Given the low threshold and save environment for experimenting, there are now 5 times more ideas bounced off and tested with customers than before. This has lead to better quality decisions and the teams to develop elements that really matter.

The decisions are now more evidence based. 800 customers give a much better sounding board across different regions and customer types compared to a handful local interviews.

The speed and agility of the platform has helped the teams to cut down the customer research turnaround by more than 400% from weeks to days.

LeanLab is an inseparable part of the build-measure-learn cycle. The NPS and CX scores for the website have improved by more than 10% since the launch of LeanLab helping MTV to monetise more of its content through better stickiness and returning visitors to the site.

”LeanLab fits perfectly into our agile fast paced development routine and has made us much more customer facing than before. We see the community as a casual virtual lounge where we can talk about a variety of ideas, issues and things where we can improve our game. I believe that this is a way forward for companies who want to be at their very best to improve ROI on digital and CX initiatives.”

- Jan Rosnell, Service Design Lead, MTV Oy