Digitalist Group

Co-developing shared company values and behaviours

Digitalist Group is a merger between five different entrepreneurial companies. Each entity has strong expertise in different areas of CX innovation, from customer insights and design to tech and branding. By fusing competencies, Digitalist Group have created a more balanced and holistic offering, making the company better equipped to address different customer challenges. To bring everyone onboard and to facilitate change, the Digitalist Group leadership team wanted to involve all employees in a dialogue to co-create a shared vision of the company values.


We set up Leanlab Campfire™, an online community for employees, across different locations from the Nordics to North America, to share their thoughts and ideas about what makes a great company culture and how that manifests itself in everyday work.
These ideas were co-created further through remote and physical workshops with different teams to conceptualise how these values should be reflected in everyday behaviours and actions.

The work was then visualised on ‘Value Manifesto’ posters, which were put up inside all Digitalist Group studios to celebrate the shared, co-created values. Following the Value Manifesto, the desired values and behaviours are now embedded into the company’s processes from recruitment and appraisals to teamwork, ultimately helping customers succeed.

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