Product and
Service Innovation

Successful companies experiment with speed and solve genuine customer needs. With the LeanLab Innovation(™) programme you are in instant sync with your customers to co-create attractive and relevant products and services on a global scale.

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Product and Service Innovation
Build ongoing mosaic of your customers’ needs and aspirations and launch innovation challenges with your customers and employees to solve them.
Share your early concepts with your community and co-iterate them further with customers and employees
Validate and
beta test
Validate your concepts with the larger community and get customers or employees to beta test before launch to have success from day one.

Waste no time, start co-creating with your customers and employees to accelerate your innovation with LeanLab. You can start today. Book a demo with one of our innovation experts!

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Get started in just a few simple steps!

1. Set up and

Set up your private and branded community and invite your customers and employees - from 100 to 100,000 members.

2. Engage and

Through regular weekly or monthly activities, understand, ideate, conceptualise and validate with your community.

3. Act on your

Quickly capture key insights through real time reporting and analysis tools, share them with your colleagues and swing them into action.


Global brand lift studies to prove the value of premium advertising

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Customer community to create an effective loyalty programme

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Digitalist Group

Co-developing shared company values and behaviours

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