Pro-bono LeanLab programme

COVID-19 Crisis. Apply to our pro-bono LeanLab programme to keep your customer co-creation flame on.

We are all feeling the pains and aches of the current crisis. In an effort to help out other co-creators we are Launching LeanLab pro-bono programme meaning that you can now get your customers or employees involved with your co-creation in no time and for free.

Room & Rent is a LeanLab ‘Hotel’ for short term (under 30 days) customer co-creation sessions for up to 100 customers or employees. You will get your private ‘room’ to keep co-creation in total confidence between you and your guests that you choose to invite in. We are offering the Room & Rent license fee (1500 Eur) now as pro-bono during the COVID-19 crisis for the organisations that are worst impacted.  

Please get in touch with us at and explain your needs and we endeavour to find you a free room as soon as possible. 

Kind regards, 
Ville Österlund
LeanLab Practise Lead

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