Your customers are pivoting. Learn how to connect with them using LeanLab

Discover how to use LeanLab to get new insights, receive real-time customer feedback, and experiment with new offerings.

Join our webinar to learn how LeanLab can help you make better-informed decisions across your business, and connect with your customers wherever they are.

Discover how to get powerful insights, receive real-time customer feedback, and experiment with new offerings in unprecedented ways using our platform. LeanLab has successfully helped pioneers like Spotify, Finnair, and MTV drive digital innovation strategies and connect with their customers to future-proof their business.

In this webinar, you will:

- Discover how to leverage LeanLab to become more customer-centric
- Understand how connecting with customers is directly linked with your business and shareholder value creation
- See how industry leaders like Spotify and Finnair are already leveraging LeanLab to co-create new value to their customers, businesses, and shareholders

The webinar is hosted by our Nordic expert Ville Österlund, Managing Partner and LeanLab Practise Lead. With over 20 years of digital customer insights and co-creation experience under his belt, Ville has helped dozens of companies improve their customer experience and launch new products and services in the Nordics, Europe, Americas, and Asia.



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