CX/UX Webinar: Get Lean and Collaborate with Customers

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We were excited to have Petri Toivonen, the CEO of Kauppahalli24 join us and share how they created a close relationship with customers through their own customer lab. Petri also shared how they have turned co-creation into a competitive advantage, challenging the big grocery chains at their online game through better customer understanding, experience and agile development.

In addition, we discussed how to get started and succeed with customer centric development as well as how to get customers involved in your online community, i.e. a customer lab. 

More specifically through the webinar you’ll learn:

  • What a customer lab is, and what it isn’t?
  • How to set up a customer lab successfully?
  • How to collaborate with customers at different stages of the development process?
  • What it requires to become truly customer centric in development, and who this way of working is realistically suitable for? Spoiler: it’s not just for big brands and startups, but also for companies like yours.
  • How to apply co-creation principles when developing customer experience, digital services, or new products and services?
  • What platform to build your customer lab with, and what tools to use as part of co-creation?

Watch the webinar on YouTube here: 

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