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“This is a very popular tool internally within Finnair. It’s liked because of its speed, it gives concrete answers and it makes the co-creation process international – you can immediately have insights all the way from your home market to China and Europe. In our business it’s crucial.”

Johanna Jäkälä

CMO, Finnair
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"Suunto’s competitive edge rests heavily on customer experience, which is why listening and collaborating with customers is essential. LeanLab worked as an excellent tool for the ’last mile’. Enabling a more in-depth understanding of customers’ pain points as well as mapping possible solutions, which isn’t possible to do without an in-depth dialogue with customers or just using NPS."

Maria Pekkarinen

Consumer Service and CX Director, Suunto
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Nordic home design brand

The Nordic home design brand needed to improve retention and customer loyalty in the face of a competitive and increasingly digital market. The brand wanted to co-create with both customers and employees in order to create a relevant, appealing and engaging loyalty programme.

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