LeanLab is your co-creation and insights platform to help your business to connect with your customers

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The LeanLab Co-Creation Hub

LeanLab is a visual and engaging virtual co-creation hub for your customers. With just a few clicks you can invite your customers to have a say in your different development activities across your digital, marketing, product and service teams. With this style of working, you can invite your customers seamlessly to play an active role throughout your design and innovation journey from start to finish.

Co-Creation Essentials

LeanLab is the ‘Swiss army knife’ for designers and CX professionals to get precision answers to different business questions and challenges. With the platform, you can create online discussions, one-to-one chats, diaries, surveys, photos, videos, A/B tests and more to capture your customers ideas, thoughts and feedback, and access valuable data in one place.

Community facilitation made easy

From the LeanLab admin dashboard you can easily orchestrate your LeanLab customer community. You can create different activities for different people in the community, invite your colleagues in the business to join the discussions and keep track of the community activity to see who is active and who is falling behind. What’s more you can easily remind and re-invite people back in the loop by setting up automated messages.

Real-time reporting and shared dashboards

Your data is safely at your fingertips in real-time, easily analysed with visual graphics and shared with your colleagues across teams. You can analyse your quantitative data by doing cross tabs, filters and using pre-built background groups. Your qualitative discussion data can be tagged to speed up the analysis. All this helps you to save time and turn data into action swiftly.

Reach people outside your community too

You’re not restricted to run activities only with members that you have in your LeanLab community. You can set-up activities for non-members and cast wide through sending direct url-links to specific activities for visiting-members. Links can be easily embedded on your email, website, or third party panel providers if you don’t have regular access to your customers or non-customers.

Multi language support

LeanLab supports multi language set-ups, so you can run any community or activity in multiple languages to connect closer with your people.

Safe and GDPR compliant

Your customer data is safe with us. We guard the data and environment 24/7, your data is only accessible through secure channels and passwords, and we anonymise the data for extra measure so that your customers can feel safe and secure.

API connections to export / import data

Custom API set-ups allow you to import/export data between your CRM, ERP and BI systems.

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