Features that make customer collaboration effortless

LeanLab is your customer collaboration platform for insights, development and innovation.

The LeanLab collaboration hub

LeanLab is a visual and engaging virtual collaboration hub for your customers.
With just a few clicks you can invite your customers to have a say in different development activities across your digital, marketing, product and service teams.

With this style of working, you can have your customers play an active role throughout your design and innovation journey from start to finish.

Customer collaboration essentials

LeanLab is the ‘swiss army knife’ for designers and customer experience professionals to get precision answers to different business questions and challenges.
With the platform you can create online discussions, one-to-one chats, diaries, surveys, photo galleries, videos, A/B tests and more, to capture your customers ideas, thoughts and feedback. To top it off, all this valuable data is also then accessible in one place.

Customer collaboration made easy

From the LeanLab admin dashboard you can easily orchestrate your customer collaboration activities.
You can create different activities for different target segments on the LeanLab platform, invite your colleagues in the business to join the discussions and keep track of the participation activity to see who is active and who is falling behind.

What’s more you can easily remind and re-invite people back in the loop by setting up automated messages.

Real-time reporting and shared dashboards

Your data is safely at your fingertips in real-time, easily analysed with visual graphics and shared with your colleagues across teams.

You can analyse your quantitative data by doing crosstabs, filters and using pre-built background groups.

Your qualitative discussion data can be tagged to speed up the analysis. All this helps you to save time and turn data into action swiftly.

Reach people outside your community

You’re not restricted to run activities only with members that you have in your LeanLab community.

You can set-up activities for non-members and cast wide through sending direct url-links to these activities.

Links can be easily embedded to emails, websites, social media channels or shared with third party panel providers, if you don’t have regular access to your customers or non-customers.

You can do all these cool things with Leanlab


Create surveys with open and closed questions and add if-conditions to the survey

A/B tests

Quickly test 2-5 concepts with your users and understand their preferences


Need a quick answer from your community? Run a quick one question poll and get instant feedback


Wonder what catches your customers’ eye? Create a heatmap out of your website, packaging, an ad or any other type of an image


A quick scan on preferences? Get your customers to drag and drop various items into 2-5 different buckets. Use it for text, images and light card sorting exercises.

Photo & Video Gallery

Need more visual examples or feedback? Ask your customers share photos or short videos of moments, experiences and more


Need to dig deeper into user journeys? Run diaries with select customers to report their experiences of a product or service

Discussion Forum

What does 10 or 100 customers have to say on topic A, B or C? Converse with your customers and you will know.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg

Check out additional features that you can use to collaborate and engage with your customers

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