How CX & UX teams are radically improving chances of success by co-developing winning products and services with customer labs

Most development projects fail to deliver what customers want, and flop. Leading CX & UX teams have, however, radically improved their chances of success by co-developing with customers using online customer labs.

From this ebook, you’ll learn from the leading customer lab experts, Ville Österlund and Lotta Olkinuora, what customer labs are, how they can be used in various development scenarios, and what are the best practices to guarantee success.

Download the guide to learn:

  • Why most development projects fail to deliver
  • From guesswork to co-creation
  • What is an online customer lab
  • How to use a customer lab in CX/UX, digital service development and/or product and service innovation
  • Best ways to collaborate with your customers
  • Essential tools for collaboration and how to use them
  • And how to build a customer lab in practice

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