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Finnair is an award-winning Nordic airline with a strong focus on delivering great customer experience to its nearly 15 million annual customers shuttling between Asia, Europe and Americas. As part of their customer centric strategy Finnair wanted to connect more closely with their customer needs globally, and help different teams within the business to co-create better solutions and services in a close customer dialogue.


We set up an ongoing LeanLab customer community with over 1000 customers across 4 key regions. The customers are invited on a regular basis to take part in different product and service development initiatives and we are delivering a full service solution from community facilitation down to running individual innovation and insights activities on LeanLab for Finnair.

“Thanks to the Finnair Customer Community our customers now sit with us at the virtual design table. With the community, listening to our customers is easy and efficient.”

Taru Annala, Manager, Customer Research at Finnair

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