Backend Developer

Job description

LeanLab is an innovative Nordic Saas business, with a growing reputation and clientele helping companies to become more customer centric through building private customer communities for real-time customer insight and innovation.  

The leading Nordic clients such as Finnair and Nordea Life and Spotify are using the LeanLab customer collaboration platform to improve customer experience, communications and innovate better products and services.  

We are part of award winning customer experience and innovation consultancy Digitalist Group with 200 employees and offices in the Nordics and North America. 

We are now expanding into the Nordics and are speeding up our platform development to provide even better insights for our new and existing clients. 

As our backend developer you will join our remote team spread across Sweden and Finland and help us make the Leanlab experience even better for everyone. We will rely on you to help us architect new features and maintain and improve the existing platform.


  • Design and implement APIs that power the LeanLab product
  • Help design new systems for aggregating data and generate reports from multiple sources
  • Help maintain and improve the LeanLab platform


  • You should have at least 4 years of experience with web backend development.
  • You should have worked PHP for web development, or with a similar scripting language.
  • You need to have strong SQL experience with Mysql, PostgreSql or a similar database.
  • You should have been part of building and architecting new solutions from scratch.
  • You know how to use Linux and you have experience with popular web servers like Apache or Nginx.
  • You have used Docker in development.
  • You need to know your way around a unix shell.
  • Knowledge about and experience with deploying machine learning models is a plus, but not required.
  • Knowledge about Javascript is a bonus.
  • Knowledge about ReactJS and the ecosystem around it is a bonus.


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