Audience Insights

Connect with key audiences to one insight platform and drive better experiences with the curate and commercial content.

Advertising experience

Use our advanced set-ups to research any campaign from digital to print and from TV to audio to demonstrate brand ROI leveraging our AdEx™ measurement solution.

Audience insights

Engage your audiences regularly with your content, channels, communication and subscription strategies to drive your business with real time insights.

Experiment new offerings

Test and develop your new physical or digital content and concepts in close collaboration with your customers and employees.

Open up for ongoing customer insights to support your teams to win more time with advertisers & subscribers. Book a 15 minute demo with one of our media experts.

Book a demo

Get started in just a few simple steps!

1. Set up and

Set up your private and branded community and invite your customers and employees - from 100 to 100,000 members.

2. Engage and

Through regular weekly or monthly activities, understand, ideate, conceptualise and validate with your community.

3. Act on your

Quickly capture key insights through real time reporting and analysis tools, share them with your colleagues and swing them into action.


Global brand lift studies to prove the value of premium advertising

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Global frequent flyers community to stay on top of customer experience

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Bauer Media

Tuning in with listeners to deliver quality radio experiences

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Membership community to future proof the business

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OP Bank

Helping a Nordic bank to drive new concept development

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Nordic home design brand

Customer community to create an effective loyalty programme

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Audience insight community to win more time with subscribers and advertisers

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Measuring real time cinema advertising impact

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Online community to develop better digital user experiences and drive subscription revenue

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Co-creating with employees to create gamified rewards programme for postal workers

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Digitalist Group

Co-developing shared company values and behaviours

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How to leverage LeanLab customer communities? Download the guide here!

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