With LeanLab you are in instant sync with your customers and staff to create together attractive and relevant products and services on a global scale.


What you can do with LeanLab


Stuck for ideas or do you have too many ideas? Launch ideation challenges with your customers to create 100s of new consumer led ideas. Then vote and sift through the ideas with more structure and build a thorough understanding of your target personas and their aspirations. This way you are building and developing your products and services against real customer needs.


Developing concepts doesn’t have to be like walking in a dark room with hits and misses. Seamlessly share early concepts and co-iterate them further with customers through several iteration loops to get your problem-solution fit right.

Validate and beta test

Once you have your concept, check with a larger customer base or potential customers what they think of the solution or get some early adopters or beta testers to use the solution as part of your experimentation plan. This is also a perfect moment to hone in your final pricing and communication plans before you launch.

How LeanLab works?

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    Invite members

    Invite members from your website, social media channels and CRM or have us help you to recruit customers and build a branded and private LeanLab programme

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    Engage with your customers

    Leverage LeanLab’s many easy-to-use features to understand, ideate, conceptualise and validate with your customers

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    Make better decisions

    Capture the key insights through a real-time dashboard, share them with your colleagues and make more customer- informed decisions

Trusted by cx professionals, designers and innovators in more than 500 customer insight and innovation programmes in the Nordics, Europe and USA.

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OP Dreaming

“The LeanLab’s community approach is a fantastic new way to sync with our customers. Customer collaboration gives us new perspectives and insights, that add real value by helping us move forward in tune with the market."

Paula Ylisassi,

Business Development Manager at OP Bank
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Posti wanted to explore the viability of a gamified rewards programme in an effort to enhance engagement and reduce churn of its, often part time, delivery force. They wished to develop a program that would offer employees more transparency in their day-to-day work, help them through their induction period and incentivise them to improve performance and teamwork.

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"The LeanLab community received a high participation from our members and equally the 2-day workshop with our staff was highly critical to accumulate shared customer knowledge and get everyone's commitment on the key topics. The programme really brought clarity to our roadmap and is helping us to future-proof our business."

Mark Harris

Sports and Leisure Commercial Director, CSSC

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