With LeanLab you can build a user community where you can ideate and test new ideas, mock-ups and services in a safe environment before you put them into production.


What you can do with LeanLab

User understanding

Understand your users - run discussions and surveys with them on a regular basis to stay in sync with your core users’ preferences, emotions and behaviours.

Rapid AB tests

Wondering what your users think of your new icons, user flows or content? Share your work with your users, vote, AB test and pick the best ideas to move forward with.

Usability runs

Need a better understanding of your customers and their experiences? Share prototypes and collect feedback with scale through discussions, diaries, self completion surveys or run a couple of precision sessions like one-to-one chats or invite your users to a web / remote usability session with you.

New service extensions

Doing something more substantial, like revamping your ecommerce site or an app? Get your users involved with you all the way. Have them tell you about the JTBD (jobs-to-be-done), preferences, best competitor sites and ask them to take a look at new flows, navigation bars, beta trials and to kill bugs with you. The whole works!

How LeanLab works?

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    Invite members

    Invite members from your website, social media channels and CRM or have us help you to recruit customers and build a branded and private LeanLab programme

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    Engage with your customers

    Leverage LeanLab’s many easy-to-use features to understand, ideate, conceptualise and validate with your customers

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    Make better decisions

    Capture the key insights through a real-time dashboard, share them with your colleagues and make more customer- informed decisions

Trusted by cx professionals, designers and innovators in more than 500 customer insight and innovation programmes in the Nordics, Europe and USA.

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“LeanLab fits perfectly into our agile fast paced development routine and has made us much more customer facing than before. We see the community as a casual virtual lounge where we can talk about a variety of ideas, issues and things where we can improve our game. I believe that this is a way forward for companies who want to be at their very best to improve ROI on digital and CX initiatives.”

Jan Rosnell

Cervice Design Lead, MTV Oy
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Kauppahalli 24

”Our customer lab has helped us to dramatically increase the frequency of how we involve customers into our cx and digital development processes. Having a private lab gives us the ability to test some early ideas with real paying customers and let the bad ideas go before we commit resources.”

Petri Toivonen

 CEO, Kauppahalli24
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Posti wanted to explore the viability of a gamified rewards programme in an effort to enhance engagement and reduce churn of its, often part time, delivery force. They wished to develop a program that would offer employees more transparency in their day-to-day work, help them through their induction period and incentivise them to improve performance and teamwork.

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