LeanLab opens up a real-time channel to get close to your customers and improve their experience throughout the customer journey.


What you can do with LeanLab

Awareness and Interest

Build a thorough understanding of what your customers think of you, why they are buying from you and how you benchmark against others.

Customer Onboarding

Iterate and fine-tune your onboarding process through a constant dialogue with customers. Get insights on how you can make the process better across your channels as well as AB test new ideas regularly.

Post Purchase Experience

Get your customers to have a dialogue with you beyond simple NPS scoring. See how you can improve your game with your product, call-services, self-help, billing, manuals, statements, websites and stores.

Loyalty & Cross Sales

If you run a loyalty programme understand how you can enhance and develop the loyalty scheme and talk to your customers about how they like to be cross- or upsold to.

How LeanLab works?

  • 1

    Invite members

    Invite members from your website, social media channels and CRM or have us help you to recruit customers and build a branded and private LeanLab programme

  • 2

    Engage with your customers

    Leverage LeanLab’s many easy-to-use features to understand, ideate, conceptualise and validate with your customers

  • 3

    Make better decisions

    Capture the key insights through a real-time dashboard, share them with your colleagues and make more customer- informed decisions

Trusted by cx professionals, designers and innovators in more than 500 customer insight and innovation programmes in the Nordics, Europe and USA.

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“This is a very popular tool internally within Finnair. It’s liked because of its speed, it gives concrete answers and it makes the co-creation process international – you can immediately have insights all the way from your home market to China and Europe. In our business it’s crucial.”

Johanna Jäkälä

CMO, Finnair
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"Suunto’s competitive edge rests heavily on customer experience, which is why listening and collaborating with customers is essential. LeanLab worked as an excellent tool for the ’last mile’. Enabling a more in-depth understanding of customers’ pain points as well as mapping possible solutions, which isn’t possible to do without an in-depth dialogue with customers or just using NPS."

Maria Pekkarinen

Consumer Service and CX Director, Suunto
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Nordic home design brand

The Nordic home design brand needed to improve retention and customer loyalty in the face of a competitive and increasingly digital market. The brand wanted to co-create with both customers and employees in order to create a relevant, appealing and engaging loyalty programme.

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